Warranties: Everything sells on an “AS IS, WHERE IS” and excludes warranties and guarantees expressed or implied by the seller and/or Great American Marketing. GAM is not responsible for verbal or written statements given by seller.

Inspection: GAM highly recommends the buyer to fully inspect each item before purchase. GAM does not conduct testing or operational assessments. It is the buyer’s responsibility to determine the condition of each item and the state of it. Failure to inspect is not a grounds for dispute. The buyer may not refuse payment or responsibility of the item. Seller’s contact information will be provided for each individual item to ensure ability to inspect all potential purchases.

Photos/ Videos: All photos and videos are intended to accurately describe the given item however is not guaranteed to depict all negatives and positives. Photos and Videos are not a guarantee of operation. Photos and videos should be used as part of the buying process but not solely relied upon. GAM recommends in person inspection of all items.

Mileage & Hour Readings: GAM will record the given mileage and hour readings however they are not guaranteed and will not be a grounds for dispute. It is up to the buyer to confirm the accuracy.

Item Removal Deadline: It is the responsibility of the buyer to arrange pick up within 30 days of auction close unless otherwise stated with in the given auction. The seller is responsible for maintaining the condition of the item until the seller arranges pick up or the 30-day mark. Whichever comes first. At this point the buyer assumes full responsibility for the item including delivery, vandalism, theft, accident, and all acts of nature. GAM will exercise all avenues possible to communicate with the buyer, but in the event where an item is abandoned or not removed with in the deadline the buyer loses all rights to the item and ownership is transferred back to the seller. If an item cannot be picked up within 30 days please contact GAM. A $20 per day storage fee may be incurred until the item is removed.

Item Termination: GAM reserves the right to void any item and or auction at any point. In the event of this occurrence, all funds will be returned to their respective parties.

Unsold Items: All unsold items will remain or be returned to the seller with no fees.

Online Bidding: All auctions are conducted on an absolute basis. There will be no reserves or buybacks. All online auctions will be conducted in the manner of the highest bid at auction close will be the winning bidder for the given item. Closure day, month and year will be listed on each auction. GAM is not responsible for software malfunctions and will not be held liable. Shill bids will not be accepted and may result in being banned. When placing a bid, you will be asked to confirm the correct amount before submitting creating a legal binding contact.

Jurisdiction and Venue: All legal action, interpretation, and/or disputes will be resolved by the law of the state of Kansas.

Registration: All bidders must be at least 18 years of age and in good standing with GAM. Registration may require a credit card and/or email verification. Registration will be reviewed and approved by GAM. GAM reserves the right to remove any bidders not complying with the stated terms and conditions.

Buyer’s Premium: Unless otherwise stated within the individual auction, each item will incur a 10% buyer’s premium.

Titles: All titled items will incur a $25 processing fee. GAM will contact the buyer within 24 hours of auction close and requires the name and information of the buyer to be received in writing. No open titles may be issued, and GAM is not responsible for lost and/or stolen titles. All names on the title must match the individuals form of identification.

Sales Tax: Items will not be released until all sales tax are paid. Sales tax- and sales tax-exempt forms must arrive in conjunction with payment and payment terms. Sales Tax exemption form must be from the state in which the item was sold not the state of the buyer. Regulations may vary across different states. All sales tax documentation must match buyer account information.

Payment: All buyers are required to pay within 72 hours of auction close. If a buyer fails to pay, they are subject to the full price of the item as well as other taxes and or fees. At the close of auction bidders will receive an invoice within approximately one hour. Successful bidders must contact GAM within 24 hours of auction close to disclose method of payment. If an invoice is not received it is up to the buyer to contact GAM. All payments are to be made to Great American Marketing by cash, wire transfer, credit card or check with bank verification. If payment is by check it must be mailed and postmarked within 24 hours of auction close. Checks must be guaranteed by the buyer’s bank. Payments received by credit card will incur a 3.5% processing fee with a maximum purchase limit of $5,000.

ACH Instructions:

Wire Instructions: